Milkwork and Wolf


That’s it for now, although I haven’t been blogging lately.

Anyway I’m starting a new project MUSK and I’ll opening a blog about it, so you can follow me there from now on.


[history] grandma

Boxed in

Originally, it was called “i fell in love with a bad (TV)” just like what “techno love song” by CocoRosie says:”i fell in love with a bad bad man”.
Now, this year and for our final group project, we decided to go into a similar direction. But the result turned out pretty different. And I love it!!

boxed in (2011) Christina Atik, Sahar Khreibani, Christine Ghoussou, Hicham Faraj (aka me)


So as i said in my first post ever, Milk Work and wlf is the name for my virtuous clothing brand. Lately i was asking my grandma to help me sew some clothes i imagined for the fall- winter 2011/12 collection but she doesn’t seem quite excited to do it, hence i’m thinking of sketching them. Why not? but that’s not what this post is about.
Here’s the price tag i created for the new collection. I mostly liked the back of it ( the floral pattern) and that’s why i used it the first illustration.
Anyway, i hope you’ll like them.

this collage inspired me too.

floating in space

Here’s my new banner, it was inspired by this poster/ whatever you could call it. It’s quite random, i did only to explore this style of graphics


le tanned wolf


-Le Wolf’s apron-

I enjoyed my time in the kitchen quite a lot today while preparing for lunch a recipe by Martha Stewart… I think the music helped a lot.Previously i tried to cook but it never turned out good. But guess what.. this time it did!!! Props to Stewart!! (and the music)