Milkwork and Wolf

Month: September, 2010


my grandma helped me sew ploy..


Commitment crisis!!!

I haven’t been posting for more then a week now!! this sucks!! I know I’ve been busy but not enough to keep me away from blogging… I think ill re-start tonight!!
fingers crossed!

MWW’s first dress.

That’s what happens when I can’t use photoshop! Actually, it’s been a month now, and my PC hasen’t been working, but eventually I took a break from my laziness and sent it to some computer shop to repair it. And now here’s the result of not being able to use photoshop… I went to my father’s workshop and tailored a whole outfit! I did the dress, the scarf and the belt, finally I added an old pair of “rossetti” shoes I found In my mother’s closet… I think it turned out pretty good.

[history] MWW t-shirts.

Here are 2 t-shirt I made as gifts for my friends birthday, under the label “milk work and wolf”. I did the designs on my PC and printed them on t-shirts, then I added some accesories: pm pons and pearls for the first one and stars made with “glow in the dark thread” on the second one. I also created labels, tags and bags for the shop… It was all very professional.
I am really sorry for the bad quality of te picture ( I took them using my cellphone’s camera)


I’ve always liked those yellow trench coats or waterproof coats. I find them really vintage and I like vintage. My sister bought me one from Paris, but it isn’t exactly what i wanted: i needed something shorter and thicker.. anyway i ended up using it for some simple pictures starring my grandma.


Here’s the first “milk, work and wolf” signed photo shoot. The thing which i love the most about is that it’s quite spontaneous: the shots, the costume [I used the jacket I already talked about yesterday!]….
I’m gonna stop talking now before it gets boring and leave you a chance to enjoy the pictures.

Hybrid Egg [history]

[history] is something you’ll be seeing often on this blog, it refers to posts including things i’ve done before opening this blog, yet I still feel like publishing them.
As you can see, my first history entry is Hybrid Egg: 2 digital drawings I’ve done using photoshop.

There’s a story about this Hybrid Egg: during the war of the world in 2068, aliens came to invade earth and eradicate humankind, but there was this rebel alien who raped a man from earth before killing him and minutes away from departure. On her planet ATN02346 she took a pregnancy test. She found out that she was pregnant, she panicked and sent the eggs back the eggs back to earth… 4 hours later 2 hybrid twins were born: they had the boday of humankind and the head of an alien!! After 3 years of isolation, they decided to invent some ways of communications with the outer space….and by then the bubble hat was born: it allows them to communicate with ATN02346 and protects them from flying insects, to whom they are allergic, and this via some kind of a censor….

A patchwork that keeps you warm.

One day, i was at a family friend’s house,a lady obssesed with antiques and cultures, and their i found this awesome patchwork jacket. She told me that it’s chineese but I couldn’t find anything about those jackets on the internet, anyway i think she’s right. I mean if u look at the pandas on the sleeves, the collar and the buttons… it must be chineese. And i still can’t believe that she bought it from a market for a less than a dollar?!!!



Milk work and wolf  was the name I created for my virtual design shop, and today i decided to use it to call my FIRST blog. This blog  is a way for me to commit to something, in fact i’ve always found it hard to keep on working on a certain project without getting bored, but i thought that it was time for me to just start something and not throw it away after 1 or 2 weeks. So i decided to start this blog where i will upload all the designs i work on, my thoughts about other works of art, links and infos about thing i like… so its gonna be some kind of an art gallery and at the same time my art journal. I’m hoping  I’ll update it each day, even though i believe that no one will be watching it at the begining… so I guess I’m doing this for me mostly.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!