Hybrid Egg [history]

by milkworkandwolf

[history] is something you’ll be seeing often on this blog, it refers to posts including things i’ve done before opening this blog, yet I still feel like publishing them.
As you can see, my first history entry is Hybrid Egg: 2 digital drawings I’ve done using photoshop.

There’s a story about this Hybrid Egg: during the war of the world in 2068, aliens came to invade earth and eradicate humankind, but there was this rebel alien who raped a man from earth before killing him and minutes away from departure. On her planet ATN02346 she took a pregnancy test. She found out that she was pregnant, she panicked and sent the eggs back the eggs back to earth… 4 hours later 2 hybrid twins were born: they had the boday of humankind and the head of an alien!! After 3 years of isolation, they decided to invent some ways of communications with the outer space….and by then the bubble hat was born: it allows them to communicate with ATN02346 and protects them from flying insects, to whom they are allergic, and this via some kind of a censor….