OK, here we go. I’m a guy coming from a small country with tons of stereotypes!! Any thoughts of what this country might be? Lebanon!! people call us a bunch of stuff…. meh, that’s how every Lebanese tries to catch the attention of others but that’s not how I am willing to do it! (wow! i feel special)
Design, arts, movies, music have always been the only things that interest me so basically, this blog will hopefully be my design journal. I’m not sure I’ll be committed enough to update it every other day but I promise I’ll try. Here you’ll find a lot of stuff : what i do, what i like what i dislike…. To a certain extent it is personal, but still you might enjoy it in case we share a similar taste in arts. What you won’t find are my university projects. I’m actually studying graphic design in the American University of Beirut , and surprisingly I’m not enjoying it as much as i would. They don’t seem to care much about the thing i care about the most which is aesthetics. So this blog will be my getaway, a way for me to keep on appreciating design.
I have a virtual film comapny called Astronut, virtual bands: Pet Figet and the orchestra, the UaUas… virtual design comapnies: Loft, un-usual pets… and last but not least a virtual clothing brand: Milk, Work and Wolf! lots of virtual! you’ll read a lot about these around here.

Yep, I’m a dreamer!