Milkwork and Wolf

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[history] MWW t-shirts.

Here are 2 t-shirt I made as gifts for my friends birthday, under the label “milk work and wolf”. I did the designs on my PC and printed them on t-shirts, then I added some accesories: pm pons and pearls for the first one and stars made with “glow in the dark thread” on the second one. I also created labels, tags and bags for the shop… It was all very professional.
I am really sorry for the bad quality of te picture ( I took them using my cellphone’s camera)


A patchwork that keeps you warm.

One day, i was at a family friend’s house,a lady obssesed with antiques and cultures, and their i found this awesome patchwork jacket. She told me that it’s chineese but I couldn’t find anything about those jackets on the internet, anyway i think she’s right. I mean if u look at the pandas on the sleeves, the collar and the buttons… it must be chineese. And i still can’t believe that she bought it from a market for a less than a dollar?!!!