Milkwork and Wolf



inspiration sheet: flowers

I doodled these during photography class. oh and i should give credits to Samia who drew these funny girls!

[history]: catching up.

It’s been SIX month since my last lame post where I made another foolish commitment to this blog. Well I got to say that I got I was another victim of that design school myth. Overnights, coffee addiction, constant complaints, history class naps are a bunch of stuff I became quite familiar with. Well this first year wasn’t quite easy but it was a lot of fun as well. It’s true that it kept me away from my blog, not that i was attached to it or so 😛 Anyway I’m back now but this time I’m not making any promises. Heree are a few things i missed the opportunity to blog about earlier:
I made the longlist in the fifi lapin competition “what shall i wear today”

here’s the link:
that got me a bit excited and i decided to participate in another competition, this time it was “100 days of active resistence” launched by lee jeans and vivienne westwood but it didn’t happen to my advantage 😛

the link to the gallery:
i cmade up a virtual band called the UaUas so i can create the design for their new single” “she bites”, I came up with this cute/eerie/creepy lemon that has a vagina.

Still more history to come.

Long time.. but i’m back

well, i guess i failed at committing to this blog!! but I’m willing to start this all over again!
well i wanted to upload an image but it seems that there is a problem!


my grandma helped me sew ploy..

Commitment crisis!!!

I haven’t been posting for more then a week now!! this sucks!! I know I’ve been busy but not enough to keep me away from blogging… I think ill re-start tonight!!
fingers crossed!

MWW’s first dress.

That’s what happens when I can’t use photoshop! Actually, it’s been a month now, and my PC hasen’t been working, but eventually I took a break from my laziness and sent it to some computer shop to repair it. And now here’s the result of not being able to use photoshop… I went to my father’s workshop and tailored a whole outfit! I did the dress, the scarf and the belt, finally I added an old pair of “rossetti” shoes I found In my mother’s closet… I think it turned out pretty good.

[history] MWW t-shirts.

Here are 2 t-shirt I made as gifts for my friends birthday, under the label “milk work and wolf”. I did the designs on my PC and printed them on t-shirts, then I added some accesories: pm pons and pearls for the first one and stars made with “glow in the dark thread” on the second one. I also created labels, tags and bags for the shop… It was all very professional.
I am really sorry for the bad quality of te picture ( I took them using my cellphone’s camera)


I’ve always liked those yellow trench coats or waterproof coats. I find them really vintage and I like vintage. My sister bought me one from Paris, but it isn’t exactly what i wanted: i needed something shorter and thicker.. anyway i ended up using it for some simple pictures starring my grandma.


Here’s the first “milk, work and wolf” signed photo shoot. The thing which i love the most about is that it’s quite spontaneous: the shots, the costume [I used the jacket I already talked about yesterday!]….
I’m gonna stop talking now before it gets boring and leave you a chance to enjoy the pictures.